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pakistan navy fleet

[201] The 21st Auxiliary Squadron consists of PNS Rah Naward, a tall ship acquired from the United Kingdom in 2010, PNS Behr Khusha, a dredging vessel commissioned from China in 2008, and PNS Behr Paima, that was commissioned from Japan in 1983. Khan. [26]:63 In 1966–69, there were series of unsuccessful talks of acquiring the warships from the Soviet Navy which ended with no yielding results. U.S. 3rd Fleet … [163], Almost all the recipients were martyred during their engagement in wars with India in 1965, 1971, and in 1999, and honoured with this prestigious award by the President of Pakistan based on the accepted recommendations. Continuous efforts are at hand to provide the best available equipment to the Navy despite all economic constraints. [7] The PNS Zafar serves as the major logistics naval base for the Pakistani military's operational capability in the western and northern Pakistan, followed by the naval forward operating base constructed at the vicinity of the Naval War College in Lahore. [32]:474 In 1948, the Royal Pakistan Navy had to engaged in humanitarian missions to evacuate Indian immigrants trapped in disputed and hostile areas, with its frigates operating continuously. Evans, whilst Tariq was placed under the command of Lieutenant-Commander A. R. The first ship of this class, PNS YARMOOK was inducted in July this year while the second ship PNS TABUK has also been inducted into the Fleet. [144]:9–10 Admissions to the NDU is not restricted to military officials but the civilians can also attend and graduate from the NDU, allowing the civilians to explore the broader aspects of national security. The warship is equipped with state-of-the-art weapon and defense systems and is capable of … [8], According to the various admissions and estimations provided by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Pakistan Navy's combined strength of the standing navy is ~46,500 personnel including the active duty personnel, Navy Reserves, Marines Corps, the Maritime Security Agency (MSA), and the 2,000 personnel from the naval-side of the Coast Guards– the branch within the Pakistan Army. Early in its … [73] Pakistan Navy was forced to deploy its existing war assets when the Indian Navy deployed its warships near Korangi Creek Cantonment and Port of Karachi with their codename: Operation Talwar. This command was identified by the military as Custodian of nuclear second strike capability. She is able to launch a helicopter and a UAV, as well as two RHIBs simultaneously. [24][26]:48 In 1948, the Directorate-General for the Naval Intelligence (DGNI), a staff corps, was established under Lieutenant S. M. Ahsan, who served as its first Director-General, in Karachi. Built by China Tianjin Shipyard and commissioned on 15 March 2018. In its 2015-2016 yearbook, Pakistan MoDP listed the development and construction of a Indigenous 01 Midget submarine. [39]:283–288, Difficulties arose between and after the arms embargo was lifted by the United States which lifted based strictly on cash-and-carry basis. [42], During this time, the Navy NHQ was housed in Karachi that decided to deploy the newly MLU Ghazi submarine on East while Hangor in West for the intelligence gathering purposes.[42]. [114] The Navy Special Service Group's specialisation further includes training and mastery in the visit, board, search, and seizure methods, naval interdiction, and security operations to prevent seaborne-based terrorism. [50][51][52][53], The submarine's destruction enabled the Indian Navy to enforce a blockade on then East Pakistan. The Navy was unable to break the blockade leading to Pakistan's economic and military resources being severely drained and communication was limited between the two wings of the country. [60] In a thesis written by Dr. P. I. Cheema in 2002, Ayub Khan, who had enjoyed considerable influence on Pakistan's national politicians, did not fully understood the Navy as a military service or neither comprehend the importance of safeguarding the sea lines of communication, which prevented the development of the Navy as a potent force as it should have in 1970s. [26]:51–52, During this time, a number of goodwill missions were carried out by the navy's warships, and non-combat missions were conducted under the auspices of the Royal Navy. The Pakistan Navy is also supported by Pakistan Coast Guard, Pakistan Marines, and the Maritime Security Agency, the paramilitary division of Pakistan Navy. [206]:66 [44], On 8 December 1971, Hangor commanded by its Commander Ahmed Tasnim, sank the Indian frigate INS Khukri off the coast of Gujarat, India— this was the first sinking of a warship by a submarine since World War II, and resulted in the loss of eighteen officers and one-seventy six sailors of the Indian Navy while the inflicting severe damages to another warship, INS Kirpan, by the same submarine. [26]:46, The Army and the Air Force were the dominant forces where the defence planning were based wholly on army and air force point of view. [28]:93, After 1971 war, steps were taken to modernise and increase the operational scope of the Navy. The Pakistan Navy (Urdu: پاکستان بحریہ‎, romanized: Pākistān Bāhrí'a; pronounced [ˈpaːkɪstaːn baɦɽiːa]) is the naval warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces. Earlier Pakistan Navy inducted PNS Yarmook in its fleet. [44], The missile-based attacks were the complete success for the Indian Navy, and a psychological trauma for Pakistan Navy, the human and material cost severely cutting into its combat capability, nearly 1,700 sailors perished at the barracks. It now stands proud at Pakistan Maritime Museum Karachi as a symbol of courage and victory. as Pakistan receiving the assets of two sloops, two frigates, four minesweepers, two naval trawlers, four harbour launches. [80]:79 In 2002–03, the Pakistan Navy deployment took place in the Indian Ocean, participating in the naval drills to combat terrorism from seaborne platforms, and eventually entered in defence negotiations with China for acquiring the technology to designing and building the guided missile frigates— the F-22P guided missile frigates were eventually built it in 2006–15. [131] Before 1966, almost all the enlisted personnel and officers had to be sent to attend the military academies in the United Kingdom to be educated and to be trained in technical branches for the Pakistan Navy. [188], In 2014, Pakistan Navy entered in defence discussions with the People's Liberation Army Navy for the procurement of the Yuan-class AIP powered submarines, and eventually succeeded when the technology transfer agreement was signed between two nations in April 2015. "[46] The PAF, however, contested this claim by holding Cdre. [61] The War Enquiry Commission noted the lack of strategic communication and the grand strategy between the four-branches of the military during the conflict and wars with India, recommending the establishment of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee to maintain strategic military communication between the inter-services and the federal government, that is to be chaired by the appointed Chairman joint chiefs as the government's principal military adviser. [130], After the Navy was established in August 1947, the Navy had to send its officers and enlisted personnel to be trained at the Britannia Royal Naval College in the United Kingdom whose training and education by the British Royal Navy was crucial at all levels of cadet's learning and schooling. The Dominion of Pakistan has come into being and with it a new Navy – the Royal Pakistan Navy – has been born. [113], The Navy Special Service Group is headquartered at PNS Iqbal in Karachi where the physical conditioning and weapon tactics training take place. ], In 1966, the Pakistan Naval Academy was established under the guidance of the United States Navy, and is a premier institution of higher learning whose alumni included the Commanders of the Royal Qatari Navy, Royal Saudi Navy, and the Sri Lanka Navy while other nations naval cadets have also attended the naval academy. The Deputy Commander of Southern Theatre Command PLA (Navy) Vice Admiral Dong Jun graced the occasion as the chief guest. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. In 1978, the Pakistan Navy acquired two Agosta-70-class submarines that were originally intended for the South AfricanNavy. [195] In 2011, the Navy commissioned two more small tankers/utility ships (STUS) —PNS Madadgar and PNS Rasadgar —to support the logistics and marine operations in the open sea.[196][197]. The ship was equipped with state of the art electronic warfare, anti-ship and anti-air weapons and sensors along with modern self-protection and terminal defense … [38] The operation ended with limited damage to the area. [130] Most of the enlisted personnel rarely stays in their enlisted ranks at the time of their retirement as most retires at junior officer ranks once reaching their retirement age of 62[28]:90, Their technical experiences in their fields is consolidated into the professional training that forms their basis to attend the respective university for them to earned the four-year college degree. [27]:90 In addition, India also objected to transfer any machinery at the Bombay Dockyard to Pakistan and further refused to part the machinery that happened to be on its soil. She is able to launch a helicopter and a UAV, as well as two RHIBs simultaneously. * Turkish Fleet Commander welcomed the Naval Chief on the arrival at Gulchk Naval Base. Pakistan's variant of the, Commissioned in 2006, German designed Fast Patrol Boat built under ToT at, Few more MRTP-33 or MRTP-35 crafts are planned, Scheduled to be replaced by MRTP-33 class or MRTP-35 class in the near future, The United States donated five fast-patrol Archangle Safe boats to Pakistan at the Karachi shipyard on Feb. 13, 2010, These submarines were originally intended to be sold to. [223]:152 Since then, the naval jack has always flown in the warships of the Pakistan Navy while the naval ensign of the Navy is commonly used by the Pakistan Marines as their primary war flag. [127] Their college education is provided by the Navy at the Naval Engineering College in Karachi for three years that led them to earn the bachelor's degree in their choice of career. [114], In 1970–71, the Navy established the Pakistan Marines to support the amphibious warfare operations and were initially influenced by the United States Marines Corps but the Marines component was decommissioned by the federal government in 1974. Diesel-Electric attack submarine (SSK): Total 5 Units; a) Agosta-70, Hashmat Class (SSK): 2 Units. [109][123], The routine deployment of the surface fleet as part of the Combined Task Forces provides the opportunity to the safeguard the sealines of communications. [127], The passed out cadets gain commission in the Navy as midshipman, taking their first assignment in an open-sea ship that gives them the experience of life at sea while being trained in different careers on board. 283–288. [139] From 1947–67, the Navy had to rely on the education and training provided by the Royal Navy at all levels of schooling, and had to send most of its officers and enlisted men to be trained at the Britannia Royal Naval College at the Dartmouth and the Royal Naval College in Greenwhich who were mostly trained in communication and navigation. [223]:152 The prefix Royal was permanently removed from the Navy as well as disbanding the British monarch culture and tradition in the Navy. Bush in 2011. First ship of class, PNS YARMOOK was commissioned earlier this year, whereas, PNS TABUK has also joined Pakistan Navy Fleet. [62]:28 After concluding a quick visit in the United States in 1972, President Bhutto used his administrative powers to dishonorably discharge the commission of five senior admirals in the Navy, appointing the junior most H. H. Ahmed as the first Chief of Naval Staff of the Navy. [26]:185, By 1997, the controversy over the technology transfer from France had tarnished the public image of the Navy with the arrest of naval chief when several cases were levelled on political and military leadership of the Navy. [109], In 1983–85, the Navy commissioned the Dassault Mirage 5 from France whose weapon system included the naval variant of the Exocet missiles and are aimed towards engaging the Indian Navy's aircraft out to 500 kilometres (310 mi) in the Indian Ocean. [44], The damage inflicted by the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force on the Navy stood at seven gunboats, one minesweeper, two destroyers, three patrol craft, eighteen cargo, supply and communication vessels, and large-scale damage inflicted on the naval base and docks in the coastal town of Karachi. The Pakistan Navy will add more than 50 vessels, including 20 major ships, to its fleet as part of an ambitious modernization plan to improve its capabilities, the country’s outgoing Chief of Naval The 2,300-ton ship is part of a two-vessel order with Dutch shipbuilder Damen, signed by the Pakistan Ministry of Defence in 2017. [34], In the mid 1950s, the Ministry of Finance awarded contracts to the Corps of Engineers (Pakistan Army) for the construction of the Karachi Naval Dockyard. Oversees the deployments of Marine detachment and operations of the War College in Punjab, This Command oversees the training deployment of the Pakistan Navy Fleet, Directs the Navy's combat units in Western Pakistan and reports to COMCOAST, Directs the Navy's combat units in Northern Pakistan and reports to DCNS-A, Directs the Naval Aviation Command but reporting directly to COMPAK, Directs the Naval Depots Command to oversee all the naval supplies and materials being stored and distributed in the Pakistan Navy and reporting directly to COMLOG, Directs the Submarine Command but reporting directly to COMPAK, The Pakistan Marines dressed in operational camouflage uniforms, during training with, The Pakistan Navy's enlisted personnel at the. [88] As of current, the Navy continues increase its operational scope in the Indian Ocean and reportedly successfully entering in defence talks with Turkey to jointly built the MILGEM project in Pakistan in 2018–2019 while it had earlier announced to start the building the program of the nuclear submarine for its current operational capabilities in 2013.[89]. [46] This serious friendly fire incident resulted in further loss of navy personnel, as well as the loss of the ship, which was severely damaged and the Pakistan Navy's operational capabilities were now virtually extinct, and morale plummeted. [33], In 1950, the Navy's nationalisation took place when many officers from the air force and army volunteered to join the navy and NCOs gaining commission as an officers. The launching ceremony for the ship was held at China's Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard. [176] The Larkana-class gunboats are locally produced at the KSEW Ltd. in Karachi that is in the current service with the Pakistan Navy, forming the Fast Patrol Craft Squadron. Pakistan Navy is the only regional Navy forming part of the Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan (CMCP), which is the maritime component of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Ahsan, made efforts to increase the naval presence and significance in 1969 but the Indian Navy's Eastern Naval Command continued to pose a significant threat since it had capability of conduct operations in long-range areas. 1 launched. KARACHI: Pakistan Navy celebrated the 49th Hangor Day on Wednesday. [150], The primary naval air station, where the Mirage 5 are stationed, is the Naval Air Station Mehran (PNS Mehran), followed by the establishment of the naval air stations in Makran, Ormara, Turbat and the Manora Island. 8–9, Pakistan Armed Forces deployments in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan-United Kingdom military relations, Pakistan-United States military relations, fleet was composed of entirely the former U.S.-built warships, lengthy, complicated, and controversial negotiation, cases were levelled on political and military leadership, Pakistan Army's engagement with Indian Army, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC), List of serving admirals of the Pakistan Navy, Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff, Operations (DCNS-O), Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff, Supply (DCNS-S), Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff, Materials (DCNS-M), Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff, Training and Evaluation (DCNS-T&E. The Constitution sets the role of the elected President of Pakistan as the civilian Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Armed Forces while the Prime Minister of Pakistan served as the Chief Executiveof the Pakistan Armed Forces, both the people-e… [74], On 10 August 1999, a serious incident took place in Sir Creek region when the Indian Air Force shot down the Naval Aviation aircraft that resulted in deaths of 16 naval personnel, mostly officers. [17]:88 The Navy has several components including the Naval Aviation, Marines, and the Maritime Security Agency (a coast guard). [155], In military awards hierarchy, the Nishan-i-Haidar (lit. [3]:73 The Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff reports to Vice Chief of the Naval Staff (VCNS) of their respected commands– the Deputy Chiefs Of Naval Staff are usually holding either the two-star or three-star ranks, depending on assignments nature, a commodore rank senior officer also known as a one-star rank can be appointed Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff temporarily if there is no current vice admiral or rear admiral senior flag officer available for that post. Later, the Naval Chief urged the officers and men of PNS TABUK to make full use of the combat potential of this modern warship in guarding the maritime interest of motherland. Image courtesy of Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited", "PM to attend launching ceremony of PN Fleet Tanker in Karachi on Friday", "Pakistan Navy commissions dredging vessel | Jane's 360", "Surface-to-air missiles tested by Pak navy", "Pakistan Navy's shelling of Dwarka in 1965 War", "Navy conducts successful test of Harbah cruise missile", "Pak Navy successfully test-fires anti-ship missile Zarb", "Pakistan conducts anti-ship missile test", International Business Publications USA, IBP, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Bahria University Medical and Dental College, Jordan-Palestine Liberation Organization conflict, Foreign deployments of the Pakistan Armed Forces, Defense Science and Technology Organization. Today, 7th Fleet operates out of Japan and covers a massive amount of space from the International Dateline to about the India-Pakistan border. [109] The appointment to the senior fleet commander known as s "Commander Pakistan Fleet" leads the navy's entire fleet with a responsibility of deploying the entire combat formations of the navy. Origins. [212][213] Up until the 1971 with the Indian Navy's introduction of anti-ship missiles, Navy had the strong emphasis on classically using the artillery and ammunition focusing towards the vintage tactics witnessed in the previous naval wars fought in the World War II. In 1992, the Navy increased its operational capabilities in mine countermeasures with the commissioning of PNS Munsif from the French Navy, followed by the technology transfer to Pakistan which led the commissioning of two more mine countermeasure vessels from Munsif-class minehunter in 1996 and 1998. [100], On 10 June 2018, Pakistan Navy and Maritime Security Agency rescued eleven Iranian crew members on an sunken Iranian boat in the Northern Arabian Sea, about 230 kilometres (140 mi) away from Karachi. [41] Induction of the Agosta-70A class gave Pakistan Navy a depth advantage over the Indian Navy, and gave the Navy an ability to conduct operations in deeper Indian Ocean at wider range. [85] From 2010–11, the Navy was in a brief direct conflict with the violent TTP group and al-Qaeda, and its Naval Intelligence was able to track down the infiltrated militants within the ranks of the Navy. [116] On 14 April 1990, the Pakistan Marines were again recommissioned in the Navy with about 2,000 personnel. According to the Pakistan Navy Spokesperson, he was received by the Turkish Fleet Commander and was given comprehensive briefing regarding Turkish Fleet Command. [3]:73 The submarines are powered with diesel-electric and air-independent propulsion. [190], Submarine training takes place at PNS Abdoze in Karachi. [109] The mining of the Karachi's harbour is also taken as a serious consideration of preventing the enemy from launching the missile attacks in the port city of Karachi. [109], Responding to the development of the INS Arihant, the Pakistan Navy reportedly announced the launch of the nuclear powered submarine program to counter the submarine threat in 2012. [60], After the Russian troops withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, the Bush administration imposed the arms embargo on Pakistan by uncovering the existence of the covert atomic bomb program to the United States Congress, which ultimately refrained the transfer of the maritime patrol aircraft, missile systems, and defence software on 1 October 1990. [142] In 1970, the School of Logistics and Management was established that conducts research on military logistics and management in imparting naval warfare techniques to the military officers serving in the army, air force, and marines departments of the Pakistani military.[143]. List of active Pakistan Navy ships is a list of ships, submarines, and other watercraft currently in service with the Pakistan Navy and PMSA Surface fleet Frigates. To be delivered by 2021. PNS TABUK is a multipurpose and highly adaptive platform of medium size and tonnage. [26], After the bitter resignation of Vice-Admiral HMS Choudri in 1959, Vice-Admiral Afzal Rahman Khan was appointed as the Commander in Chief in Navy who worked towards building relations with President Ayub Khan in retaining hopes for procuring a submarine despite financial constraints. Leadership in the Navy is provided by the Minister of Defense, leading and controlling the direction of the department of navy from the Naval Secretariat-II at the Ministry of Defense, with the Defense Secretary who is responsible for the bureaucratic affairs of the army's department. b) Agosta-90B, Khalid Class (SSP:): 3 Units (Hashmat and Khalid class are subtypes of Diesel-Electric attack submarine). [24] When the first war came to an end in 1948, the Navy temporarily established its Navy NHQ in Karachi and acquired its first O-class destroyer from the transfer by the Royal Navy. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Navy announced on Sunday that it has inducted its first Type-054 Class Frigate in its fleet which was built in China. Pakistan Navy is expected to induct all four warships by 2021. [130] Retirement age for the enlisted personnel varies and depends on the enlisted ranks that they have attained during their services. Pakistan is also looking at two mine-counter vessels … [164][165][166], The Surface Fleet, established in 1947, is a pivotal component of the Navy with crucial role in maintaining the military balance with the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean, taking part in multinational task forces to prevent seaborne terrorism and piracy.

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