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mon guerlain fragrantica

She wears a white tank top, green pleated skirt... Two fingers below her knees. It lasts at least 12 hrs and its absolutley stunning. Besides the top of the fragrance, the middle and base of this perfume is absolutely beautiful. Mon Guerlain Sensuelle was launched in 2017. I do hate feminine and masculine labels for I should say regular Mon Guerlain was too stereotypically feminine for me :). It’s nice but almost sickly. This intense version is the closest to Mon Exclusive IMHO. This perfume is just stunning. But very reminiscent of Black Opium the initial spray, but after the dry sown it smells more floral. But the longer I wore it, the more my head hurt. This scent is the very essence of relaxation and comfort to me, so much that I wouldn't find spraying my pillows with it just once an hour before sleep. I thought oh this is simple sweet fragrance. it does not smell sweet at all! I have the original on one arm & this on the other, I have to sniff real hard to detect any difference. This review is for the Eau de Parfum version ONLY. Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense by Guerlain is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women. Warm, comforting, beautiful. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Thierry Wasser Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum … With a touch of fresh Levander note. MG to me is a soothing sensual and classy scent.It is very versatile it can be a signature that is worn everday or it can be used on a special occasion.One thing for sure it gathers compliments and people asking what your are wearing.For extra longevity the Intense version is just perfection. As an almost hater of Mon Guerlain, I quite loved this Intense version. Like everyone else mentioned lavender makes it cozy! I love wearing this when I want to smell soft and feminine but also don’t want to be overpowered by scents. So if you cannot tolerate the original, try this one! It can follow down a supermarket aisle or straight to your "forever". Not sure what'd it be from, but it quickly disappeared. I adore it! There was something off-putting about it. I love vanilla, but dislike lavender. Vanilla and lavender for sure! To me, this is sophistication at its best! Here I draw a comparison to Poison Girl - similar, but not the same. When I had obligations I was'nt looking forward to I sprayed on a little spritz of courage. From all the hype, I would have thought this to be a very sweet and mature scent but it is not. I have longevity problems with this one. I like the opening until it smells like any counters of a designer brand in a department store. This smells like the appropriate scent when you go out hanging with your friends chilling on sunday night in a club, just dancing, searching for fun outing. Feminine and sophisticated with an edge. Think of it this way: both fragrances are like two baked desserts created by two different pastry makers. She just got engaged and her diamond sparkles. Sort of. My sweet Mon Guerlain, how I love thee. I'm gonna keep her though, because when things are going well, they're so good. It is definitely a comforting feminine scent. I quite liked the original, but could not wear it due to terrible headaches. Since 1828, GUERLAIN has been driven by the Culture of Beauty. To my nose, this is the original Mon Guerlain (which is a go-to for me), mixed with Maison Margiela's Lipstick On (which I also own and love). It is the first perfume in 40 years my husband loves and has wanted me to buy. Maybe worth getting the intense? It is worth mentioning that skin absorbs some substances directly. Это новое издание: Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau de Parfum выпущен в 2020 году. the lavender makes it smell a tiny bit iron-ish, at least to me. So flipping beautiful. ... Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne. Mon Guerlain is one of those rare scents that I believe everyone should own or at the very least take the time to experience more than once. Cacharel Calvin Klein Carolina Herrera Cartier Chanel Chlo ... Fragrantica … I feel beautiful and just want to bask in it Probably not the best fragrance for me to work in thought I know others who love it for professional settings. I find it very suitable for cold weather months. Not shallow. Mon Guerlain … I had tested this in a local department store a few times and it was head ache inducing. Now it smells just so sophisticated, semi-sweet vanilla with a hint of that lavender to make it more rounded and comforting. EDP lasts well for me and even lingers the next day. Not merely beautiful. Did initially not like it on paper (to much lavender) but the scent is completely different on the skin. Very polished, professional, "got my sh**" together" vibe. After a while the scent softens and smells more feminine but it isn’t too sweet. I personally like the original better, with its aromatic lavender, Intense is warm, but smoky/ spicy, and it stays that way till the dry down..I don't detect any of the fresh notes...the vanilla and spicy/ balsamic notes dominate the makes me think of Flowerbomb Extreme, it is more gourmand, and I don't care for the typical vanilla/ benzoin combination as it is really the same for all sweet the licorice gets into the dance and really it is too many notes in my opinion. Mon Guerlain se lanzó en 2017. It’s aromatic, rich, warm and cozy. Makes no sense to me. Paying homage to contemporary femininity, Mon GUERLAIN is a perfume for the free, strong and sensual woman, perfectly embodied by Angelina Jolie. Just received my sample of Mon Guerlain EDP Intense and WOW! Very pretty, the lavender makes the vanilla sophisticated, elegant, and comforting. simply he most beautiful perfume ever made . I can't believe it took me this long to try this perfume. Prepare to be let down. Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau de Parfum è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2020. The silage/ longevity is fantastic. There is lavender and vanilla to be sure but what I picked up most was heavy powder. Mon Guerlain was created by Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk. GUERLAIN expresses its quintessential … It smells classy and sophisticated (not in an old lady type of way) yet delicate and soothing. Sort of a check list, if you would. It has a very powdery animalic impression early on that reminds me a lot of that aspect of vintage Shalimar, which I had coincidentally revisited earlier that day, making a vivid basis for comparison. Ab 76.00 € Intensität 4 on 4. It calms down into a soft and nice vanilla after quite a few hours. They both smell very very similar to my nose, but as I am not a fan of Angel I could never wear Mon Guerlain. Then I get the vanilla with what I assume is the sandalwood, but what smells a bit like almond or cherry to me. Unfortunately this stage disappears within 30 minutes on my skin leaving me with the rather generic sweet, woody/ patchouli basenotes that turned me away from 80 % of released designer fragrances that followed the success of La vie a belle. I like it and I wore it many times a few years ago, but I can't see myself purchasing it. At first, I had to get used to it, because it was a lot sweeter than I expected from the notes. The combination is simple yet perfect. This version smells great on my husband. I love lavender so I was really excited to try this one out. It's a soft and intimate scent. Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette foi … Will post a review once I have tried it. The initial blast isn't too sweet, actually it's a bit sourish and cold, with bergamot and lavender, so I began to wonder 'Where's that sweetness that everyone's talking about?!' I sprayed each on my arms and the original went to nothing but a subtle vanilla while the intense encompassed so much more while still holding vanilla as the main note. I already have so many bottles of Mon Guerlain so this was money down the drain for me. Thierry Wasser was inspired by the "notes of a woman", or "the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity." Of course so much depends on skin chemistry, but this was a major scrubber + alcohol for me. Perfect wedding scent. Spa and gourmand. It seems to be absolutely fine with the new EDP Intense (I did a spray on each wrist). It is elegant, stylish, complex, for a stilettos outfit kind of vibe. Do I love this? ), but this is the perfect balance of fresh/floral/powdery/vanilla. So ever if you are not a lavender lover, you will still like Mon Guerlain. I won’t rebuy but I will wear it. Las Notas de Salida son lavanda, mandarina y bergamota; las Notas de Corazón son jazmín sambac (sampaguita), flor de azahar del naranjo y ylang-ylang; las Notas de Fondo son vainilla de Tahití, caramelo, raíz de lirio, violeta y benjuí. First I had my eyes set on the original Mon Guerlain because I kept hearing rave reviews about it and the next time I was in a department store that carried Guerlain I made a beeline for it. However there is a strange ashtray smell that comes out in the dry down which puts me off this fragrance. This is a very romantic, sensual perfume that takes you to the fields full of lavender, that makes you feel closer to the nature, makes you feel free and beautiful. Very long lasting. I haven’t tried that personally but I wished it projected and lasted longer. One of the perfumes I blind bought knowing 100% that I would love it (having owned/loved the EDT and EDP). If you don’t like the opening WAIT for the dry down-just wait about 10-15 minutes and you will have your original Mon Guerlain except it will last and project far more better!!! It is sweet, with a nicest fruity coumarin note. This is pretty ladies and the bottle looks luxury. In depth: the opening is a bit of a chaotic, strong shock to my nose and I don't enjoy it. Needless to say I was quite disappointed when I first used this perfume on myself. It is feminine, yet multifaceted, and at each level of wearing, to the dry-down, it is beautiful. I’ve read a few reviews from other users here saying that this smells masculine, however, I think some might be misjudging this from the initial spray, or, from a blotter. I have already purchased two bottles. When the air is chilly the bottle comes out of rotation but only if I want to smell sweet yet decadent and somehow still a little refined. It's delicate. This is based on Mon Exclusif which I have and I find to be much better. I don't remember which reviewer said this is close to Lancome La Nuit Tresor A La Folie and I agreee with her. It's very sweet and feminine, but as it continues to dry down, I am reminded of Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume that I wore as a teenager. But it is lavender that does not smell like most lavender products. The lavender is soft, warm and almost incense like. Just received my 30 mL bottle in the mail.. and I'm in love! I love vanilla. Who knew that this combination of notes could create such a refined, elegant beauty? Not just, this is a lasting love. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire. Shalimar being the 8th wonder of the world. I deeply regretted spraying my arm before a flight as I sometimes get motion sickness and the scent I perceive in that moment can amplify that. I said in my review on the EDT that someone described the EDP has a “vanilla cookie floating over a field of lavender” and I can *really* feel that here. As I am writing this review, I am wearing Mon Guerlain... and boy oh boy do I love it. Between EDP and EDT I prefer hands down EDP. 4.4 out of 5 stars 130. I could go on describing notes and predominant scents (which for me is the truly one-of-a-kind Guerlain vanilla, a touch of grounding tonka, and yes, lavender - which isn't medicinal and strong as in Jicky, but still has a voice and is noticeable throughout the duration of the scent), but I think that this scent is better described in abstracts and images as I've tried to do here. The witch smells like this. I did get compliments for it but I prefer the original. It’s not ground breaking like so many of Guerlains are. It’s so calming and smooth, and never even gets near to “cloying” territory. It also gets dubbed the fragrance of a wife , so these descriptions totally make sense once you smell it. I have a nearly full 1.0 oz EDP and a sealed, unopened 2.5 oz body cream that I'm willing to swap within the U.S....PM me. Creamy lavender dipped in sweet vanilla. Moderate sillage and on my skin it lasted around 5 hours. It has good projection and lasting power. I find it pleasing. 100/10 rating. I love Lancôme Lavsnde Trianon. musky, floral, sweet, sexy and a bit powdery. on me this perfume smells like chemicals, i can’t pin point exactly what it is but it smells like some sort of cleaning product. I forgot I have a mini Mon Guerlain for months. The fluffy vanilla is beautiful, but for me it is overshadowed by the strong lavender. I love classic Mediterranean bouquet scents. ... perfumes … But very similar so I think that when you own the original you can pass this one. I’ll stick with L’H B for my floral fix. Dont believe the hype.Test it first ! The face of this powdery vanilla is who? The intense version is one of the most sensual vanilla blends I have ever smelled, too. This fragrance is really great!!! Honestly, I retested my sample the same day I was baking apple pie, and I was surprised how similar they smelled. 9,5/10. Fragrance Reviews: 1020797 Obviously Thierry Wasser is being pressured by LVMH into creating these play-safe fragrances that are expected to sell.… As a perfume designer, each and every essence leads to a form of inspiration and audacity that GUERLAIN alone can enhance. I love and own a bottle of the original Mon Guerlain EDP. Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette fue creada por Thierry Wasser y Delphine Jelk. Esta é uma nova fragrância. OMG. Sometimes this is too mature for me, but some days I really love it. Mon Guerlain, the House's new fragrance, is a tribute to today’s femininity - a strong, free and sensual femininity, inspired by Angelina Jolie. Also it 's a bit nauseous as a fragrance! Then at dry-down, this perfume seems to be a more mature, elegant version of Aquolina's Simply Pink at dry-down to me. I agree with the perfect wife comment below. I could smell raspberries and cotton candy! I find it very sweet and it makes me sick sometimes. 76,95 € Guerlain Vaporisateur. Alien Amouage Angel Annick Goutal Avon Black Orchid. This will sound strange, but it reminds me of the soft, warm bellies of my cats all warm and cozy. It's been a while since I've been in a courtship phase with this perfume. This is brand new to my collection but already a favorite of both my husband and mine. Im reminded of Dreamer by Versace and the powdery sandalwood of something like Samsara. It has spikes and edges that makes it interesting, versus a vanilla that's rounded and smooth and gets boring quickly. Don't expect people to smell it from a distance because the projection is pretty bad. This is also somewhat... romantic? I'm happy I tried again with the intense version and that's it! A soothing scent which envelopes you in a cloud of vanilla and lavender. Ab 22.00 € Intensität 2 on 4. Nothing sexy or sultry, its more classy and elegant. a woody aroma, not only sweet, gentle and welcoming. Totally in love! I used to wear this at home all the time. The best way to describe it is - insence burning in a 5 star hotel lobby. It is a very well-blended fragrance. Within an hour I had purchased a bottle. As a result, Mon Guerlain has a sharpness to it that tickles my nose and the composition feels thinner compared to the fullness of Mon Exclusif. But, unfortunately, on my skin it doesn`t last very long :-(. The way that the scent builds around it with well-blended flowers and a clear vanilla/coumarin/sandalwood base is nice. Perfumes: 63417 The top and middle notes are absolutely wonderful: the powdery iris and warm vanilla softening the lavender and rounding it out. It has a lovely balance of nature and synthetic despite my own skin. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Fragrance Reviews: 1020539 Mon Guerlain Intense was an instant love for me, which doesn't happen that often. Airy, soapy, sweet with depth. Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum is a feminine perfume by Guerlain. I only wish it had better longevity. I never got to like the original Mon Guerlain. You could wear this fragrance to the office, on a hot/romantic date, and on your wedding day. And it first, Mon Guerlain indeed smells predictable, a fruit compote accented with citrus and spiced with patchouli. @cherrybubble yes there is a cherry tobacco note going on but only when first sprayed,it fades in a few minutes at least it does on me, I like this, almost love it but am I the only one who detects tobacco? You take a shower and cuddle with your man kind of fragrance he’s gonna love this. It’s sizzles into a sleeker smokey, sexy, slightly boozy vanilla/lavender/liquorice number. It remains to be a strong incense scent which I do not enjoy on me. Overall I like it, it’s classy and elegant, but if I had smelled it before I would not have paid as much as I did. I found the initial spray almost unpleasant due to the strong lavender, but I'm so glad I gave it a few minutes to warm up!

Gianluca Ginoble è Francesca Si Sono Lasciati, Rap In Vena, Il Bombarolo Chords, Doppio Gusto, Milazzo Telefono, Canti Di Natale Medjugorje, A Scuola Avevo La Lean Nel Backpack, Clean, Meteo Am San Severo, Una Poesia Anche Per Te Significato, Eden Park Cilento Telefono, Primo Giorno Di Scuola Elementare Emozioni,


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